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100 ml and 220 ml containers. Made of transparent *Lexan®, with high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance. Sturdy and operating -30°C to +132°C.

Easy and fast to refill with all types of grease NLGI 0-1-2-3 from side lubricator H standard.

New simplified setting for grease exit: 1, 3, 6, 12 months(*) variable at any time. Standard M medium spring, optional D light spring for high temperature and/or fluid grease, optional F strong spring for low temperature and/or dense grease.

Technical features
SLOT GREASE® 100 · Classic – Oiler – Evo

SLOT GREASE® 220 · Classic – Oiler – Evo


ATEX 94/9/CE

Above data are only approximate. TEC.MA reserves the right to make any modifications without previous notice.

*Lexan® registered trademark of Sabic.

(*) Indicative and approximate data on closed circuit installations. Due to the variability of a multiplicity of factors, delivery times cannot be determined exactly. Accordingly, delivery time should be determined through tests. It is advisable to lubricate the point that needs lubrication and the connecting tube, if fitted, prior to the installation. Errors and omissions excepted.


Designed and installed everywhere a point to be lubricated is present: bearings, bushings, joints, articulated joints, electric motors, compressors, pumps, valves, reduction units, cranes, mills, ovens, conveyor belts, rolling presses, Archimedean screws, vibrating screens, lifts, elevators, presses, rolling mills, fans, turbines, etc.

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