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ZK Blue Series

ZK Blue Series


A high performance pump customized to your needs

With our diverse standard and high performance gear pump range we are able to serve all your needs and respond to any challenge. Our gear pumps are robust, self-priming and are designed for your specific application.

On demand, we can provide external gear pumps which API, ATEX, TR-CU 10, TR-CU 12 and TA Luft compliant

External gear pumps are self-priming, non-pulsating and reversible pumps that work best on clean, lubricating fluids with a viscosity thicker than water. Two gear teeth, one idler and one driver, mesh together to transfer the liquid.

Because of the balanced construction and bearings on both sides of the shafts, the pumps are capable of non-pulsating flow and high pressures.



Pressure: standard 25 bar (optional up to 120 bar)
Efficiency: 60 to 92%
Viscosity: 0,5 to 25.000 mPas (higher value upon request)
Flow rates: 0,4 up to 300 l/min (0,025 to 18 m³/h)
Speed: up to 3000 rpm
Suction lift: up to 6 m
Temperature: -60 to 450°C
Materials: all available materials
Seals: lip seals, packing, single or double mechanical seals, magnetic coupling

Flow rates

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