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Metal Saw blades

Metal saw blades for steel with advanced durability and high precision.Available in a wide range of different sizes to suit the specifications of cutting machines from various manufacturers. The optimum tip shape and blade design for cutting steel result in a super-clean cut.Heat- and wear-resistant cermet tips significantly increase the operating life of the blade compared to previous models, and help drastically reduce overall running costs.

Steel saw blades for power tool

Designed for cutting a wide range of steel materials, including steel angles, steel channels, steel bars, and stainless steel pipes. Steel saw blades for power tool come with ideal wear-and defect-resistant tips to provide a super-clean cut and outstanding durability.

Plastic saw blades

High-precision grinded to the tips and the ideal tentioning process applied to the blade design deliver a smooth cut and a fine section. This allows ultra-thin blades to be designed for minimal cutting waste and resistance, all as part of efforts to produce environmentally friendly saw blades that meet today's requirements.

Saw blades for nonferrous metals

These saw blades are designed for use with various nonferrous materials, including aluminum ingots, aluminum sash, aluminum pouring gates, copper pipes, and metals for batteries. With proprietary techniques and technology developed over several decades, Sugiyama provides solutions to overcome problems that arise under different operating conditions and when cutting various materials.

Diamond saw blades

High-quality sintered diamonds are used for outstanding machining and cutting of FRP and printed circuit boards, cement siding boards, and other materials that are difficult to cut and often result in other carbide tip saw blades becoming clogged too quickly. This design now gives the blade a much longer operating life.


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